Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bloggers World

Bloggers world, an arena where an individual pens down ones thought, views and ideas. Bloggers world always sounded cool but it was never easy to begin. Blogging is like playing with words and finally coming up with something worth reading .The post can be anything like a day spent at café, a book review, an experience, a belief, a travelogue and the list goes on .I thought I was never too good at doing this. Whenever I tried to start my own blog, thoughts imbued my head that the words jumbled up and were lost in shades. As a result, I preferred to stay away.
But then I finally tried and started writing. It was hard, but not impossible. And then 'Latent Art' emerged.
Blogging is now kind of repose and, I am spirited to have my


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