Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Year Resolutions

A survey reveals that 88% of the human species end their new year resolution in the starting of January.I garnish to this percentage every year.However as a ritual,every year I prepare a topical list of resolutions at the end of December hankering to stick with it.
For the first time in 2011, to my surprise,I was successful in keeping promises with myself to a great extent.

So, here goes my 2011 resolution list :

Resign from work: This was pretty easy to achieve. I resigned on the first working day of January.

Lose weight (One resolution I have been making since my teenage): My first brunch was a Ferrero Rocher brownie. I was not startled because this is something happening since teenage. At last I succeeded and finally dragged myself to gym in third week of Jan.

Purchase and read 60+ books in 2011: I have already added eight books to my library which includes two books from friend. I have also completed reading four titles.

Join a photography course and enhance my skills: The course that suited my interest was on weekdays. So, I have decided to purchase a few photography books instead. 
Also, my Flickr Pro account link :

Start a blog: Target accomplished.

With almost all resolutions in right direction, it’s a wonderful start of 2011.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Miles uncovered,
Goals unachieved,
Peaks unconquered,
Relationships incomplete,
Emotions unveiled,
Independence shackled,
Questions unanswered,
Dreams shattered,
Destinations unexplored,
Life, why do you teach things a harder way.