Sunday, January 16, 2011


Miles uncovered,
Goals unachieved,
Peaks unconquered,
Relationships incomplete,
Emotions unveiled,
Independence shackled,
Questions unanswered,
Dreams shattered,
Destinations unexplored,
Life, why do you teach things a harder way.


  1. that we can evolve as a stronger person and face any challenge with much more confidence and ease...
    The show must go on...........!!!

  2. When you sit back and ask questions, life will answer. BTW Cheers for joining the bloggers gang.

  3. that's life sometimes...a bitter pill to swallow

  4. Life teaches you this again & again and everytime the condition is so different and difficult from the earlier one that you actually forget the previous one. Its like everytime you cross a level in game, the next level becomes more difficult and if you are able to cross that then only you succeed in life!

  5. Well Aastha, every single of those "Un" have a positive side as well..!! Its just about the spirit..!! :) Keep Blogging..!! :)